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two separate projects live here.

curated coomer memes

have uploaded the r/coomer archive to onedrive and have been sorting through it (almost done!!). one of the exceedingly few great memes. legit so funny. if anyone has any suggestions on how to do this better and fairly cheaply message me on urbit: ~mislyr-midnyt

link to coomer memes

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coomposting and easypeasy discussions in an anonymous format. be pleasant and respectful please thanks :o)

join the urbit though

chatting non-anonymously is pleasant too. the best way to do this is on urbit. it's basically a replacement for the internet and after looking into it you'll see it's a utopian vision of computing. just do it mate :o)

tech explanation: purely functional tiny computer. talks to other urbit computers directly, without any intermediary (DNS, megacorp, etc.). baked in cryptography and a distributed scarce identity system. it's pretty fun.

~mislyr-midnyt/coomer (not ready yet sozzle!!)

wishing you well